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This Section contains important information about the Consular Services that are offered by the Embassy as outlined below:

Consular Services

The Embassy provides various Consular Services to Kenyans resident or visiting the State of Israel as guided by the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations (VCCR) 1963. The Convention was set down to ensure that any Foreign Government in a host country is able to extend needed Consular service to her nationals. The Embassy of Kenya in Israel therefore, provides the following Consular Services:
  • Legalization (authentication) of official documents issued by the Government of Kenya
  • Legalization (authentication) of documents issued by competent Israeli Authorities and Institutions  
  • Assistance to Kenyans in Israel in case of arrest and/or detention
  • Application for Passport
  • Application for Birth Certificates for children of Kenyans born in Israel, or for duplicates of lost birth certificates
  • Application for Certificate of Good Conduct
  • Applications for Kenyan Driving licenses
  • Application for Certificate of "No-impediment to Marriage"
  • Requirements for non-Kenyans wishing to conduct a marriage ceremony in Kenya
  • Marriage Registration Form in Kenya
  • Renunciation of Kenyan Citizenship
I. Kenyans in and/or Visiting Israel

Provision of Consular Services to Kenyan Diaspora in Israel and other Kenyans visiting Israel (including short private visits and pilgrimages) form an important part of the services that the Embassy is mandated to offer. It is important to note that efficient and effective Consular Services to Kenyans can be delivered were they to register at the Embassy promptly and upon arrival in Israel. Therefore, the Embassy encourages all Kenyans who have not registered to do so by visiting the Embassy.
Further, the registration can now be done on-line or through the post by completing the  “Registration of Kenyans” Form  which can be down-loaded by clicking this link (Download the Form here…)

Note: Your name should be entered it appears on your Passport. Remember to provide your telephone contacts and e-mail address.
It is always advisable to keep copies of the relevant pages of your own and your family’s Kenyan Passport as they will come in handy in cases of emergency (including lost or stolen Passport). For the same reason, you are advised to keep copies of all Kenyan documents at home. 


II. Authentication (Legalization) of official documents issued by the Government of Kenya

The Embassy authenticates (legalizes) official documents issued by the Government of Kenya at a minimal cost – per copy i.e. NIS. 200.00. The process normally takes at least two (2) working-days between the time  of submission and collection.

III. Legalization (authentication) of documents issued by competent Israeli Authorities and Institutions 
Documents originating from Israel and meant for use in Kenya, must first be translated from Hebrew to English, certified and legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the State of Israel. The document may then be brought to the Embassy for authentication with the requisite fees of NIS. 200.00 per copy of the document. 

IV. Assistance to Kenyans in Israel in case of arrest and/or detention

Kenyans residing or visiting Israel are strongly advised to always observe the laws and regulations of this country in order to avoid getting into costly legal processes. Kenyans are particularly urged to keep their immigration status valid at all times so as to avoid the risk of facing deportation. In addition, all travel documents should be kept valid.
Note: It is important to register with the Embassy in case of any eventualities.
If for any reason(s) you are arrested and/or detained by a concerned Israeli Authorities: 
  • Do not resist the arrest: Resisting arrest is not only punished by all Governments in the World, but it will also serve to aggravate your legal problems. It is important at that moment to seek for an explanation of the arrest from the law enforcers. Request immediately to talk to a Consular Officer at the Embassy.
  • Give consent to the enforcement agency to notify the Embassy, Consular Section: It is important that you give your consent for the Israeli agency to inform the Embassy about your arrest and/or detention. This could be the only way that the Embassy, and your next of kin, will learn about your predicament and find possible ways to assist you. If possible, request for communication facilities to talk to the Embassy as we accept and are able to receive calls even from Israeli police cells or jails.

Upon receipt of the information about an arrest/and detention of a Kenyan in Israeli jail, the Embassy will provide a range of Consular services including:

  1. Visit the concerned person(s) in prison to ensure that he/she is receiving humane treatment.
  2. Talk and try to assist the person in arranging for legal representation, especially by liaising with the leaders of Kenya Welfare Association in Israel.
  3. Attempt to ensure that they receive a fair and speedy trial.
  4. Facilitate communication with their families or next of kin in Israel or in Kenya.
  • Honesty: When informing the Embassy about your predicament, please state your case honestly and provide names and contacts of individuals, both in Israel and in Kenya, you wish to inform about your situation. The Embassy will communicate your message to them as soon as possible.
  • “Right to remain silent”: If you can afford an Israeli Attorney or Lawyer, inform the enforcement agency that arrested/and or detained you that you wish to decline to answer questions relating to your case except in the presence and with the advice of your Attorney or Lawyer.

V. Emergency Certificates

Emergency Certificates are only issued to Kenyans in case of genuine emergencies.

  1. Letter explaining the nature of emergency and a copy of the letter.
  2. Two filled Forms 19 (Click here to download…)
  3. Two current Passport Photographs (note that computer generated photos are not accepted).
  4. The Expired Passport.
  5. Two copies of Birth Certificate or National Identity Card.
  6. Home and/or work telephone numbers.



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