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Kenya has a colourful mixture of people as well as a cocktail of cultures. The current population of over 40 million is made up of about 42 officially recognised ethnic groups.  The ethnic groups comprise the Cushitic, the Bantu, the Nilotes, as well as non-Africans (Asians, Europeans and Arabs). It is important to note however, that the Bantus, Nilotes and Cushites form the bulk of the population. The minority, Asians, Arabs and Europeans live mainly in cities and other urban areas of Kenya. This ethnic diversity has produced a harmonious mixture of people with rich cultural heritage.
The National Language, Kiswahili is widely spoken by most Kenyans, almost 99.9 per cent of the population. Kiswahili and English are the two official languages of Kenya and as such they are spoken at all levels. Beside the two languages, French, German and Italian are also commonly spoken in Kenya, especially in the tourism industry.
The rich cultural heritage and diversity of the people is expressed through songs, dances, ways of dressing and art and handicraft, which are truly unique and embodies all the enchantment of exotic Africa. To listen to the music or to watch various festivals and ceremonies of any of the 42 ethnic groups is a thrilling and unforgettable experience. Visitors are able to sample some of these festivities and ceremonies at the Bomas of Kenya, one of the cultural centers which is only 8 kilometers from the commercial center of Nairobi, the Kenya’s capital. The Interaction with the friendly people of Kenya in their habits will leave a most memorable impression!
For more information, please visit the Bomas of Kenya at.
Religion: The Constitution of Kenya guarantees freedom of worship for all. As Kenya is a secular State, churches, Mosques, Temples and occasionally a Synagogue, are found in all areas of the country catering for various religious denominations. The Protestant consists 45% of the total population, Roman Catholic (33%), Muslim (10%), indigenous (10%) others (2%).


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