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Key Economic Sectors

Economic activity in Kenya embraces production of both goods and services, with some sectors exhibiting various characteristics especially in terms of contribution to national income, employment and poverty reduction, impact on vulnerable groups like rural communities especially the womenfolk, support services and vision of the country especially with regard to industrialization initiatives. Some of these sectors are:
  • Agriculture and Agri-business
  • Manufacturing
  • Building and Construction Sector
  • Tourism
  • Art and Crafts
  • Financial and Banking
  • Infrastructure Development sector
  • Energy (including clean and renewable energy) Sector
  • Mining sector
Kenya’s International Trade


Kenya is a major exporter of primary agriculture commodities. The main exports are: tea, coffee, cut flowers and other horticulture products, pyrethrum, sisal, wattle tree extracts, hides and skins, fish and fish preparations.

Export Partners

The major export partners include; Uganda, Tanzania, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Pakistan, Egypt, Germany, Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo and Southern Sudan.


The leading imports are primary industrial inputs; crude petroleum and refined petroleum products, edible oils and fats, resins and plastics, fertilizers, machinery and transportation equipment, iron and steel raw materials.
Imports Partners

The major import partners include; United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, United Kingdom, Japan, United States of America, India, Germany, China and France.


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