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Kenya occupies an area of 582, 646 square kilometers (225, 000 square miles). Lying astride the Equator, Kenya extends approximately 4 ½ ° North and 4 ½ ° South of the Equator. The Terrain of Kenya consists of low plains in the East, rise to Central highlands and fertile plateau to the West of the country. The lowest point in Kenya is on the Indian Ocean at 0° while the highest point is on Mt. Kenya which is 5,199 meters above Sea level.


Kenya is located in the East African region of Africa.

Kenya shares common borders with five countries namely: Tanzania in the South, Uganda in the West, South Sudan in the North West, Ethiopia in the North and Somalia in the East. The Indian Ocean coastline which forms the Eastern border stretches some 480 kilometers from the Somali border to the Tanzania border. The country is bisected lengthwise by the Great Rift Valley that runs from Jordan in the North to Mozambique in the South.


Within the boundaries of Kenya, there are every known landform, ranging from the true glacial ice to arid desert, mountain massifs to rich savannahs as well as numerous lakes and dense tropical forests. Kenya boasts of big rivers such as Tana and Athi which drain into the Indian Ocean. River Tana is an important bio-diversity conservation area. Other major rivers in the Western part of Kenya drain their waters into Lake Victoria, one of the largest fresh water lakes in the world which is shared by Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. The Lake is renowned in the world as it is the source of River Nile, the longest river in the world.

Due to Kenya’s location and the fact that it is served by nearly all major international airlines, Kenya is truly the gateway to Africa. It is therefore, not surprising that Kenya has an enviable long tradition of playing host to thousands of visitors from abroad each year.


The variations in altitude and terrain create the contrasts in climatic conditions. Kenya being an Equatorial country, the weather is generally good and pleasant all year round. The country hence enjoys a tropical climate with plenty of sunshine all year round. Long rains generally occur in the months of April-June while short rains occur in the months of October-December. January, February and March are the hottest months while the coldest periods are July and August.

In the Coastal region, the weather is generally humid with temperatures between 21°C to 32°C. The driest parts are in the low plateau areas to the north and northeast, with temperatures of between 19°C to 37°C. In this region, the topography presents a refreshingly different lifestyle and attraction whose terrain suits the passionate trekker either on four wheel truck or camel. Central Kenya, including Nairobi, is generally much cooler, with temperatures between 13°C and 25°C.

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