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Kenya Welfare Association in Israel (KWA-Israel) is a Social, Economic and Cultural Association of Kenyans founded in Tel Aviv in 1999. The KWA-Israel is a non-profit organization that aims to provide a channel through which the Kenyan community in Israel can use to address the social, economic, cultural, religious and political issues that affect its representative members.

Further the Association presents an important and structured channel through which the Kenyan Diaspora in Israel communicates with the Embassy and to an extension, the entire Government of Kenya.

Since, inception the KWA-Israel has conducted its elections as stipulated by their Constitution. The leadership of the Association is voluntary and so is the membership but at a nominal fee. Members also pay a monthly contribution for social welfare.
The office consists of the Chairman, Vice chairman, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, Discipline Master and Committee Members. The members of the Association elect the entire office bearers through a democratic secret ballot for the duration of one (1) year. Nevertheless, members have the right to change any office bearer any time through following the laid down channels as stipulated in the Association's Constitution.

In this regard, if you are a Kenyan and you wish to join the Kenya Welfare Association-Israel, please contact:

The Chairman/Secretary,
Kenya Welfare Association-Israel
Address (will be provided soon)
Tel-Aviv Israel

Or Email it to:

Kenya Welfare Association-Israel: Events

The KWA-Israel has planned the following event:

27th May, 2012: Participate in the African Day organized by the Group of African Ambassadors in Israel

What is new at KWA-Israel Headquarters?


Members of the Kenya Welfare Association-Israel can interact with other Kenyans in the Diaspora through the umbrella organization Kenya Community Abroad.

You can visit their website at  http://www.kenyansabroad.org/index.php

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