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Foreign Relations

Kenya pursues a pragmatic Foreign Policy founded on universally recognized norms. The Foreign Policy has been set to achieve outcomes that enhance and safeguard national objectives and interests by utilizing various bilateral, regional and multilateral approaches.

Kenya practices an independent Foreign Policy in accordance with the following objectives:

  • Good neighbourliness, and maintenance of friendly relation with all nations
  • Mutual respect of sovereignty and territorial integrity of all nations
  • Non-interference in the internal affairs of other states
  • Peaceful co-existence and peaceful settlement of disputes
  • Enhance prosperity, and socio-economic well being of the nation
  • Preserve the political and culture identity
  • Pursuance of mutually beneficial bilateral and multilateral cooperation
  • Promote regional and global peace, security and stability
  • Promote regional and global consultations and beneficial cooperation in economic and social affairs
  • Active participation in and support of the united nation and its affiliated organizations

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