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The Government of Kenya recognizes the significant contribution of Kenyans living abroad to its National Development Agenda. This is further exemplified by Kenya’s development blue-print, the Vision 2030 which envisages engaging the Diaspora in various activities of nation- building through the pursuit of a comprehensive strategy as one of the flagship projects under the financial sector.

The Presidential Circular No. 1 of 2008 on Organization of Government clearly indicates that the Diaspora Office is a major portfolio under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In this regards, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has incorporated Diaspora Diplomacy as one of the key pillars in its Ministerial Strategic Plan. To accomplish this, the Ministry has established a fully-fledged Directorate of Diaspora Affairs that has a mandate to harness the potential of the Kenyan Diaspora for social-economic development through networking and information sharing.

The Directorate of Diaspora Affairs is mandated to provide advice to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the government at large in the formulation of relevant policies affecting Kenyan Diaspora, develop and implement programmes that promote their interests, serve as a forum for enhancing their social, economic and cultural ties with Kenya and provide liaison services with appropriate government and private agencies.

The government of Kenya believes that the Kenyan Diaspora is an important part of the society considering their large numbers consisting approximately 10% of the current population of 38 million.

For more information please visit www.mfa.go.ke.


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