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Other Consular Services

TO OUR ESTEEMED CLIENTS: All payments for services offered below are to be paid in the Embassy's Bank Account given below:
Bank Leumi
Kfar Shmaryahu Branch #844
Account: 464594/83
Beneficiary: Embassy of the Republic of Kenya

The Embassy of the Republic of Kenya in Tel Aviv would like to inform that the Kenya Citizenship and Immigration Act (2011) which implements Chapter Three (3) of the Kenya Constitution took effect on 30th August 2011, effectively repealing the following Acts:
  • Kenya Citizenship Act Cap. 170
  • The Immigration Act Cap. 172
  • The Aliens Restriction Act Cap. 173 of the Laws of Kenya
Consequently, Kenyans residing in the State of Israel and who hold Israeli Passport should take note of the following:
  1. A person born of a Kenyan parent irrespective of the place of birth automatically becomes a citizen of Kenya by birth.
  2. The Kenya Constitution confers automatic recognition to persons holding citizenship of other countries as citizens of Kenya by birth as long as they can able to prove parentage as stated above (i.e. provide Kenyan National Identity Cards; Passports etc).
Regaining Kenya Citizenship

Kenyan citizens by birth who ceased to be citizens of Kenya by voluntarily acquiring the citizenship of the State of Israel and/or renouncing the citizenship of Kenya in accordance with the old Constitution may regain citizenship upon application in the prescribed manner.
Applicants wishing to do so should fully complete the Application to Regain Kenya Citizenship (Form 5) (fully completed and in duplicate); and enclose:
  • Certified copies of evidence of citizenship (such as certified copies of both passports; Kenyan ID, Certificate of Registration etc).
  • Two (2) current coloured passport photos.
Declaration of Dual Citizenship
Under Section 8(4) of the Kenya Citizenship and Immigration Act (2011), it is an offence to fail to declare dual citizenship. Every Kenyan who holds dual citizenship and is 18 years old and above is required by law to declare the other citizenship within three (3) months of becoming a dual citizen.
You can make such a declaration through filling the Declaration made by a Dual Citizen -Form 2 (the form should be fully completed and in duplicate).
Note: The Form (Form 2) should be accompanied by certified copies of evidence of dual citizenship (such as both passports and certificates of Citizenship) and forwarded to the Embassy or sent to the Department of Immigration Services, Nairobi.

Any Kenyans in Israel who enjoyed dual citizenship but who by virtue of Kenya’s old Constitution renounced or lost their Kenyan citizenship upon attainment of the age of twenty three (23) years are now automatically deemed as citizens by birth.
Exemption from Visa requirement

Kenyan citizens who hold dual citizenship will be exempted from any visa requirements irrespective of the passport held (Kenyan or Israeli) whenever they wish to travel to Kenya.
Kenyans can therefore opt to use any of the passports they hold to visit Kenya, provided that they can prove their Kenyan citizenship at the point of entry when using another country's passport. It would nevertheless be advisable to ensure that the Kenyan passports remain valid at all times.

Please visit the Forms and Downloads Section to access a Passport Application Form to renew an expired passport.

You can read additional information on Kenyan citizenship. Click here to read the Kenya Citizenship and Immigration Act 2011.

The Embassy also gives the following other Consular Services:

Birth Certificate for a Kenyan child born in Israel

A child born of a Kenyan parent in Israel requires to be registered with the concerned Authorities in Kenya. In this, regard, the Embassy encourages Kenyans to as soon as possible register the Birth once it occurs in Israel. Download the Application for Registration of Births here… Or the Form can be obtained from the Embassy, Consular Services Section.
The following documents should accompany the Form:
  • Copies of relevant pages of parents’ Passports and Birth Certificates, duly certified by the Embassy.
  • Parents’ Marriage Certificate
  • Copy of the child’s Israeli Birth Certificate (translated, certified and legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Jerusalem).
  • Legalization (Authentication) Fee – NIS. 200.00 - should be paid in the Embassy's bank Account
  • Processing fee – NIS. 9.00 -should be paid in the Embassy's bank Account

Application for Duplicate Birth Certificate
The Embassy also assists Kenyans in Israel to acquire a Duplicate Birth Certificate in case of loss or mutilation. You need to attach the following documents to your Application Form (Download here…):

  • Photocopy of the Original Birth Certificate.
  • In case of loss: A Statement explaining the loss of the Original Birth Certificate.
  • Copies of Parents’ Passport or ID Cards.
  • Processing fee: NIS. 50.00 -should be paid in the Embassy's bank Account
Duplicate birth certificates for Israelis born in Kenya

Due to long history of interactions between Kenyan and Israeli peoples, a number of Israelis were born in Kenya and may occasionally require Duplicate Birth Certificate.
The person requiring this service need therefore to: 
  • Attach a written statement explaining when and where the birth took place (the place of birth in Kenya) as well as the circumstances under which his Original Birth Certificate got lost.
  • A written statement explaining the reasons for application.
  • Birth notification slip issued by hospital in Kenya (for original) or photocopy of original birth certificate (for duplicate).
  • Copies of Parents’ Passports
  • Processing fee NIS.50.00 - should be paid in the Embassy's bank Account
Note: Birth certificates are not issued by the Embassy and therefore Applications should be addressed to:
                   The Principal Civil Registrar
                   Department of Civil registration
                   P.O. Box 49179-00100
                   Nairobi, Kenya
Note: Application for Registration of a Death Occuring abroad; Late application forms for births and deaths can be found under the Forms and Downloads sections of this website.

Certificates of Good Conduct:

In order to facilitate a search into the records of those applying for a Certificate of Good Conduct, the Kenyan Police Service requires the applicant’s fingerprints to be taken by the Israeli at the time of application and on a prescribed Kenya Police form (Download the Application Form here...)

The finger prints must be taken at an Israeli Police Station and have an official endorsement with the concerned Police Station Seal or Official Stamp.

Please Note: Photocopied prints or prints used in previous applications are not accepted.
For Israeli nationals, the Kenya Police Service requires documentary evidence to support the period lived in Kenya stating also the immigration status by the time. This evidence may include copies of Residence Permits, Passport endorsement or copies of Alien Registration and letters of Appointment from the place of employment.
Search fee: NIS. 200.00 is payable at the Embassy's Bank Account upon submission of the Application Form together with the requisite documents.

Processing time: The Certificate may be issued after three (3) or more months.
Note: If the applicant wishes to send the fingerprints and the Application Form directly to the Director, Criminal Investigation Department, Nairobi, a return postage for the same MUST be included.
Requirements for Certificate of Good Conduct for those living in Israel

Kenyan citizens:
  • A complete set of all fingerprints and palm prints.
  • If the applicant is over 18 years of age, a clear photocopy of the Kenyan Second Generation ID card. (if the applicant was never issues with the ID card, he/she must prove he/she left Kenya before reaching the age of 18 years and is yet to return, and must provide the Embassy with a Certified Copies of his/her Birth Certificate and Kenyan Passport).
  • If the applicant is below 18 years, a Certified copies of the Birth Certificate and/or Kenyan passport.
  • Filled Application Form
  • A fee of NIS 200.00 payable at the Embassy's Bank Account or for those sending the application directly to Nairobi, enclose a Banker’s Cheque of Ksh. 4,600 payable to:
                                        The Director,
                                        Criminal Investigation Department,
                                         P.O. Box 30036, Nairobi.
Non-Kenya citizens:
  • A complete set of all fingerprints and palm prints
  • A Certified Photocopy of the applicant’s Passport
  • Documentary proof that the applicant ever resided in Kenya for three (3) months or more
  • If the applicant is below 18 years, a Certified copy of the Birth Certificate;
  • Filled Application Form
  • A fee of NIS 200.00 payable at the Embassy's Bank Account or for those sending the application directly to Nairobi, enclose a Banker’s Cheque of Ksh. 4,600 payable to:
                                       The Director,
                                       Criminal Investigation Department,
                                        P.O. Box 30036, Nairobi.

NOTE: Finger prints not taken on the prescribed Form and without Israeli Police endorsement, Seal or Stamp will not be accepted for processing by the Kenyan Police Service.
Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage

The Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage is issued, upon request by the Israeli authorities, to Kenyans who may wish to conduct a marriage in Israel. The Certificate is aimed at showing that the individuals are legally free to marry each other.
In order to apply for the Certificate through the Embassy in Tel Aviv, the following documents are required: 

Note: The Certificate can also be applied for directly to:
                                       The Registrar of Marriages,
                                       Department of Civil registration
                                       P.O. Box 30031-00100
                                       Nairobi, Kenya
                                       Tel: +254-20-227461
Requirement for non-Kenyans wishing to conduct a marriage ceremony in Kenya

Non-Kenyan parties wishing to conduct a marriage ceremony in Kenya are required to produce the following documents:
  • Birth certificates
  • Valid passports
  • Decree Absolutes (if divorced)
  • Death Certificate (if widowed)
  • Statutory declarations of family register from City Officer stating the fact that one is single and free to marry. This should bear the City hall seal and official Stamp.
  • Parental consent in the form of a legal document, for persons below twenty-one (21) years of age.
  • Residency in Kenya for twenty-one (21) days. If this is not possible, a special license should be obtained beforehand by contacting the Registrar’s Office in Kenya.
  • All documents must be seen and stamped by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Israel and legalized or authenticated by the Embassy of Kenya in Tel Aviv.
Application for Kenyan driving licenses

Kenyan driving licenses are only renewed and verified by the Registrar of Motor Vehicles, who is the issuing Authority and can be contacted at the following address:
                                    Registrar of Motor Vehicles
                                    Times Tower
                                     P.O. Box 30160
                                     Nairobi, Kenya   
                                     Tel: +254-20-310900
Kenyans, who are in possession of a valid Kenyan driving licence and wish to obtain an Israel Driving Licence, must have the Kenyan driving license translated into Hebrew and then authenticated by the Embassy. Further, the Licence must be valid before taking both the theoretical and practical driving test in an Israel Driving Examination Center.
Marriage Registration Form in Kenya

If a Marriage ceremony involving a Kenyan party has been performed in Israel, it is necessary for it to be registered in Kenya.(Download the Application Form for Marriage Registration here…).
The following are requirements for Application of Marriage Registration

  • Duly completed marriage registration form
  • Original Israeli Marriage Certificate (translated, certified and legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
  • Copies of Passports
  • Birth Certificate
  • Copy of the Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage
  • Fee: NIS 200.00 - should be paid in the Embassy's bank Account
Renunciation of Kenyan Citizenship

Under the New Kenyan Constitution, it is permitted to hold dual nationality.  If in the past you had obtained an Israeli Passport, or you had renounced your Kenya citizenship, you are urgently required to contact the Embassy.
If for any other reasons a Kenyan in Israel still wishes to renounce the Kenyan citizenship (notwithstanding the current Kenyan Laws that allow Dual Citizenship), as soon as the Israeli citizenship is confirmed, the person must present him/herself at the Embassy with the following documents:


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