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A. Passports:
1. Where can I apply for a Kenyan Passport?
  • Embassy of Kenya, Tel Aviv
  • Ground Floor North Wing Nyayo House, Nairobi
  • Uhuru na Kazi building,  Mombasa
  • New PC Building Nyanza, Kisumu
  • North Rift Regional Office Public Works building, Eldoret
  • Central Rift Regional Office, Rift Valley Provincial, Nakuru
  • Central Regional Office, Provincial Headquarters, Embu
  • North Eastern Regional Office, Garissa  
2. How many types of Travel documents do you issue?
  • Ordinary 32-Page (or 48-Page) Passport
3. How many days does it take for a passport to be ready?
  • At least 30 days
4. After how long do I need to renew my Passport? 

  • The current Passports last for 10 years and after this period; you need to re-apply for a New Passport.
B. Visas:
1. Where can I apply for a Visa to travel to Kenya?

         You can apply for a Visa to travel to Kenya from: 
  • Embassy of Kenya, Tel Aviv
  • If you are an Israeli, you can also apply on arrival at the point of entry.
2. How long does visa processing take? 
  • Single Entry Visa may be issued on application subject to the requirements.
  • Multiple Journey Visa may be issued within six (6) weeks or more.
  • Transit Visas may be issued on application.
  • Diplomatic Visas are issued on application.
  • Official/Service Visa is issued on application.
  • Referred Visa may be issued within six (6) weeks or more.
C. Kenyan Citizenship
1. Who is a Kenyan citizen?

Kenyan citizenship is governed by Chapter Three (Citizenship) of the Constitution of Kenya and the Kenya Citizenship and Immigration Act (2011).

2. How does one become a Kenyan Citizen?
  • Birth
  • Registration
3. Who qualifies to apply for Kenyan citizenship?
  • Spouses, wodows and widowers of Kenyan citizens.
  • Lawful Residents - persons who have been ordinarily resident in Kenya continuously for a period of seven years preceding the date of application and must have been so resident under authority of an entry permit or exemption.
  • Children and person with disabilities - biological or legally adopted children of Kenyan citizens.
  • Stateless and migrant persons - persons who voluntarily migrated to Kenya before 12th December, 1963 and/or have continuously lived in Kenya.
  • Descendants of stateless and migrant persons - persons who have attained the age of 18 years and whose parents had voluntarily migrated to Kenya before 12th December, 1963 and/or has continuously lived in Kenya.
4. How does a person lose their citizenship?
  • By voluntarily renouncing Kenyan citizenship. One needs to apply for a Certificate of Renunciation of Kenyan citizenship.
  • The Kenya Citizenship and Immigration Act (2011) also provide for the deprivation of citizenship of Kenya, any person who is a citizen by Registration or Naturalization should they commit an offence under this section.
5. What should a person do on acquisition of Dual citizenship?

Inform the Kenya Embassy in Israel or the Department of Immigration of the same within three months of becoming a dual citizen. 

6. What should a child born in Kenya of mixed parentage (that is, a Kenyan and an Israeli) do to become Kenyan?

The child is a Kenyan citizen regardless of where he/she is or was born. The Constitution provides that a person is a citizen by birth if at the date of his/her birth, one of the parents is or was a citizen of Kenya.


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