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Diaspora Diplomacy forms a part of the five (5) Pillars that are the backbone of Kenya’s Foreign Policy.

The other Pillars are:
  • Economic Diplomacy
  • Peace Diplomacy
  • Environmental Diplomacy
  • Cultural Diplomacy
The Embassy of Kenya in Israel therefore has the following roles concerning Diaspora issues:
  1. Engage with the Diaspora and enlighten them on investments opportunities in Kenya.
  2. Facilitate the development of Consular services that address the needs of Kenyans in the Diaspora.
  3. Ensure protection of the rights and interests of Kenyan Citizens in Israel.
  4. Develop bilateral arrangements to secure jobs in Israel.
  5. Facilitate conduct of research on the numbers of Kenyans in the State of Israel and their exact location.
  6. Encourage Kenyans in Israel to register with the Embassy .
  7. Being always ready and willing to assist the Kenyan Diaspora in Israel whenever called upon to do so.
  8. Facilitate formation of Diaspora groups especially for Kenyans in other large cities of Israel including Eilat, Jerusalem and others.
  9. Encourage various activities that bring Kenyans together in Israel e.g. cultural activities, birthday parties, sports, and regular meetings by the Kenya Welfare Association-Israel,
  10. Encourage dialogue between Kenya and Israeli Ministries on matters affecting Kenyans in the country.
  11. Linking young Kenyan Diaspora in Israel with institutions in Kenya to facilitate knowledge and technology transfer.
  12. Provide link between Kenyan communities and local foreign based communities

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