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Both mains electricity and generated supply of electricity in lodges provide 240 volts AC 50 cycles. Sockets are normally three pin and of the “square” variety. Therefore, an adaptor to suit this format may be necessary if there is an intention to use personal electrical appliances, equipments (including PCs) or to charge video, cell phone, camera or video batteries for travelers from Israel to Kenya.

Kenya has a well developed telephone and other forms of communications system for both domestic and international services Microwave relays provide direct dialing countrywide. Direct overseas dialing is available from major centers and increasingly from any remote places such as game lodges after introduction of cellular telephony in the late 1980s. Fax services are also widely available and game lodges that do not have direct telephone facilities are connected by radio telephone to both national and international service. Most hotels and lodges in far-flung areas of Kenya have a direct radio link with their Nairobi or Mombasa offices and messages can be passed in that way.


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